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Google Needs A New Mantra

by on 2014-07-24 at 12:53, under Software, Software :: Analysis

Remember Google’s “don’t be evil” mantra? Now-a-days, when mentioned in the media, it is usually accompanied by more than a few grains of salt, sometimes topped off with a pinch of irony. Does the company deserve this? Although Google has been through its share of disputes and has made a few blunders along the way, these could just be the growing pains that come naturally during such a firm’s evolution. Let’s pause for a few moments and realize that we’re talking about a technological behemoth here, one that we’re riding into this age of explosive scientific advancement. Such a creature is surely bound to cause a few wrinkles on the fabric of our civilization.

Google has been losing some of its old fans lately and this includes some influential journalists. PR was never one of the Internet giant’s strong points, nor did it ever seem to want it to be. Even though “don’t be evil” is a beautiful principle and should definitely stay close to the company’s core, I’m going to suggest an addendum to that. One that, I will argue, fits Google’s actions and, if presented properly, would serve as a very welcomed image boost. But first, let’s cover a few important facts about the company’s past and present. Then, we’ll get to seeing how the addendum I propose makes sense.

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Her (2013)

by on 2014-06-21 at 21:43, under Art, Art :: Movies

Beautifully filmed and acted, unpredictable, brilliant and completely reasonable are just a few words I can say about “Her”. It has taken Hollywood four years to deliver a movie which I can rate as a solid maximum on any possible scale (it’s actually a lot better than the one I saw back in 2010). It’s very hard to talk about this movie in a few sentences, but here it goes (don’t worry, no spoilers).

“Her” depicts an incredibly reasonable future, parts of which are already here, parts of which will be with us very soon and parts of which are unlikely to happen that soon (Artificial Intelligence). Images are crisp and lighting is used with such mastery that it envelops the entire cinematic in a luxurious veneer which evokes a feeling similar to the awe that overcomes you when you are in front of a great masterpiece.

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Roger Waters’ The Wall Tour 2013

by on 2014-04-17 at 21:11, under Art, Art :: Music

A few months ago, I’ve had the pleasure of attending Roger Waters’ “The Wall” in Goteborg, Sweden, at a completely packed Ullevi Stadium. I’m going to write the first part of this opinion piece while listening to the studio album; doing this will make the task of writing harder, but the consequences of the audio distraction are already causing interesting thoughts. Rather than focusing solely on the show, I will also comment a bit on the concept album behind it.

Prior to attending the concert, I’ve watched the motion picture, for the purpose of refreshing my memory, knowing that the staged show will basically be a re-enactment of the movie. After also having listened to “The Wall” several times, I went to Goteborg being completely infused with it. Since I was going to witness what might be one of the last shows performed by living members of the epic Pink Floyd, I considered it of vital importance to truly be there, in it, engulfed by it.

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Fairness In The World Of Income Inequality

by on 2014-04-01 at 22:15, under Civilization, Civilization :: Economy

We often gasp at the amount of personal wealth various entrepreneurs have amassed. News about income inequality^ is quite common lately, and so it should be, because slowly but surely, society’s patience is reaching the breaking point; and if that happens, chaos will ensue. It is hard not to be shocked when you are confronted with the knowledge that 85 people own more wealth than the world’s poorest 3.5 billion. Except if you’re Kevin O’Leary^, of course.

But are all these entrepreneurs evil incarnate? What about Bill Gates’ work^, or his and Buffet’s Giving Pledge^? What about many other magnates who did great services to society during or towards the end of their careers? Does the Nobel Prize ring any bell? And most importantly, who do you think could manage billions of dollars and put such power to better use than these people can?

As we will see, the problem does not entirely lie with these wealthy individuals. A solution can only be found if we work together, peacefully but determined, towards updating our society to this new age of abundance which is brought upon us by the technological advances of the past few decades (you should listen to this excellent talk on the subject^).

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Ukraine And What It Means Deep Under

by on 2014-03-09 at 21:28, under Civilization, Civilization :: Politics

During the past few months, much has been written regarding the situation in Ukraine. The media is showering us with arguments from both sides of the story (here in the European Union, obviously, there’s a lot of anti-Russian bias). But what we don’t seem to care doing is to take a step back from the panicked news frenzy and look at the bigger picture. And we’ll do so on an entirely new level than what the media has shown you so far.

It is time to look closely at our society and to seriously question our leaders. It is time to wonder why, during the past few years, we have seen an unprecedented rise in worldwide social tensions. It is time to connect the dots. And, most of all, it is time to start looking for alternative ways of solving our problems.

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You Are Invited To The “Path of Exile” Open Beta

by on 2013-01-23 at 00:22, under Gaming, Gaming :: Reviews

It’s about time, and I’m extremely happy to inaugurate the Gaming Category^ with this article. There are many reasons for my happiness and I will share them all with you if I shall have your patience, for Path of Exile^ is a topic which, I humbly believe, deserves your time if you’re into some serious gaming!

One day, not so long ago, I was among the Loyal Legions of Blizzard Entertainment. For example, I played Diablo 2 starting with its launch and down to the bloody end, months before the launch of Diablo 3 – a game which proved once and for all that Blizzard have completely lost their way. But then something happened, something which gave me a reason to hope!

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Windows 8 – A Disaster In The Making

by on 2012-11-24 at 11:48, under Software, Software :: Analysis

Even though Windows 8 brings many incremental improvements over its predecessor, Microsoft managed to bungle this release almost irreparably. This is one more example where great engineering is rendered futile by dumb marketing decisions and a lack of internal harmony.

In spite of having a better kernel, but due to a stubborn functional direction, Windows 8 has been, from the start, doomed to fade in the brightness of its predecessor. It’s probably one of the reasons why Windows Division President Steven Sinofsky was fired^- which is a questionable decision, since he was in charge of the previous Windows release as well.

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Back to Active Duty

by on 2012-11-24 at 11:30, under Announcements

Dear readers, forgive me for I have sinned. It’s been more than six months since my last article. But, after this super-break, I can gladly declare I’ll be back on writing duty. The reason behind this very long pause is the fact that my lifestyle has changed drastically. I went from being an independent creator [... read more ...]

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The Optimal PC Building Guide for May 2012

by on 2012-05-16 at 11:34, under PC Building

Priceless suggestions for the PC of your dreams, carefully organized into four categories: basic use, gaming, software development and CAD & Rendering.

This is the 3rd episode of the Optimal System Building series of articles, a collection of advices for all of your PC purchasing needs, written by a qualified system builder. Within this article, you’ll find clear and concise information about the best parts you can choose when building your PC, or, when buying a pre-assembled/customizable PC.

The stars of this episode are Intel’s Ivy Bridge processors and Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 670 video card. Both these products are price game-changers and herald a few months when I can finally say that it’s a good time to buy a PC…

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Saving Face for Social Networking

by on 2012-05-07 at 09:37, under Software, Software :: Analysis

Ever since “Social Networking” became a popular term, there must have been hundreds if not thousands of articles bashing the likes of FaceBook, usually for, but not limited to, privacy issues. The catch-all term “Social Networking” became associated in the minds of the more tech-savvy with the exploitation of information about one’s life.

This is important because we, the tech-savvy, are the people who write about Social Networking and we have cast a shadow of mistrust over the concept. But let’s see if we can strike a blow in favor of this paradigm, to bring things back into balance, for the sake of objectivity…

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