Windows 8 Sales Forecast: Disappointing

A few years ago, long before Vista hit the market, I made a few predictions: 1, that few people will buy it; 2, that it will be a despised product and 3, that I will never install it. It’s 2012 and even Microsoft admitted^ that Vista was a failure. Also, all my predictions turned out to be right.

Now I’m back with a new prediction: Windows 8 will disappoint the most important market it has: the PC market. And it will do so, in spite of the fact that it is a great product…

The PC Is Dead. OH RLY?

If you’re not one the people who already made their mind up about the destiny of the PC platform, then read on to find out why some rather big names made fools of themselves when they grabbed the headlines (by mistake or not), by uttering one of the most idiotic statements I heard in the past few years: “The PC is dead” (or “Long live the Cloud to which I shall sell my soul to” and so on).

The fact of the matter is that people who rush blindly ahead and spell the demise of the Personal Computer platform are either clueless, misquoted or have some sort of vested interest…

The Humble Start

I am Axonn Echysttas and I’m a supercharged freak, with a lot of things to say about some companies and their products, about some people and their actions.

I believe that I am qualified to write these words because I lived and breathed technology for more than 75% of my life, because I’ve been assembling my own computers since I was a kid and because I’ve also been doing software development since then. Because I’ve worked extensively with computers (desktop and mobile), consumer electronics and niche products, and, last but not least, because I’ve read thousands of IT articles and I continue to follow IT news coming from several sources.

I believe that I am qualified to write these words because others thought^ that I am qualified as well…