The Optimal PC Building Guide for February 2012

Priceless suggestions for the PC of your dreams, carefully organized into four categories:
basic use, gaming, software development and CAD & Rendering

Welcome to the 1st episode of the Optimal System Building series of articles, a collection of advices for all of your PC purchasing needs, written by a qualified system builder. Within this article, you’ll find clear and concise information about the best parts you can choose when building your PC, or, when buying a pre-assembled/customizable PC…

Logitech G510 Review, Or How To Betray Your Fans And Name

I’ll start by underlining that this article is being typed on a Logitech G15 keyboard. I’ve been using a wide array of Logitech peripherals throughout the years and I consider myself one of their loyal customers. My G15 is paired with a G5 mouse and an F510 gamepad, all from the same company. I own another two G15s, and, of course, the Logitech G510, to which this article is dedicated.

To be absolutely clear from the beginning: my G510 wasn’t defective. The purpose of this article is to outline the marketing & design mistakes made by Logitech, which resulted in this keyboard being such a disappointment. I admit that, at least partially, my anger on this product stems from the fact that Logitech is a company I sympathize…

FFR! Foobar Fucking Rocks

I’ve known about Winamp’s archenemy (or arch-competitor), Foobar 2000^, for many years. I had the program installed alongside Winamp while I was organizing my music collection, because it had one feature Winamp didn’t: a command to show me the average bitrate of more songs (and I include that number in an album’s folder name).

Other than that, I didn’t use it… up until about two months ago, when my hate for Winamp reached the boiling point. I am like that. Loyal to the software I use and ignoring its various shortcomings due to that loyalty. Winamp started to randomly crash on enqueuing songs from Explorer/Total Commander ever since version 5 dot fuck-knows-what. Ironically, I also bought the Professional edition about a year prior to that. I valiantly endured it for about two years…