The Case for Privacy

When about two weeks ago, CIA director David Petraeus made the admission about the agency’s interest^ in spying on people using the ever-increasing array of “smart” appliances in our homes, it became clearer than ever that one of the greatest battle to be fought these years will be the battle for our personal data.

And when you find out about how applications such as “Girls Around Me” use publicly shared data^ to put espionage in the hands of potential rapists, you can’t help but wonder what’s next. What can we do to reclaim our privacy? Do we even need to do something? Why does all of this matter so much? Let’s try and answer these questions…

The Optimal PC Building Guide for April 2012

Priceless suggestions for the PC of your dreams, carefully organized into four categories:
basic use, gaming, software development and CAD & Rendering

This is the 2nd episode of the Optimal System Building series of articles, a collection of advices for all of your PC purchasing needs, written by a qualified system builder. Within this article, you’ll find clear and concise information about the best parts you can choose when building your PC, or, when buying a pre-assembled/customizable PC.

The highlight of this episode is Nvidia’s surprising resurgence. With its new GTX 680 video card, Nvidia captured the performance crown^ in all possible metrics, after years of being seriously challenged – and beaten, especially in the performance-per-watt charts – by AMD’s Radeons.