Roger Waters’ The Wall Tour 2013

A few months ago, I’ve had the pleasure of attending Roger Waters’ “The Wall” in Goteborg, Sweden, at a completely packed Ullevi Stadium. I’m going to write the first part of this opinion piece while listening to the studio album; doing this will make the task of writing harder, but the consequences of the audio distraction are already causing interesting thoughts. Rather than focusing solely on the show, I will also comment a bit on the concept album behind it.

Prior to attending the concert, I’ve watched the motion picture, for the purpose of refreshing my memory, knowing that the staged show will basically be a re-enactment of the movie. After also having listened to “The Wall” several times, I went to Goteborg being completely infused with it. Since I was going to witness what might be one of the last shows performed by living members of the epic Pink Floyd, I considered it of vital importance to truly be there, in it, engulfed by it.

Fairness In The World Of Income Inequality

We often gasp at the amount of personal wealth various entrepreneurs have amassed. News about income inequality^ is quite common lately, and so it should be, because slowly but surely, society’s patience is reaching the breaking point; and if that happens, chaos will ensue. It is hard not to be shocked when you are confronted with the knowledge that 85 people own more wealth than the world’s poorest 3.5 billion. Except if you’re Kevin O’Leary^, of course.

But are all these entrepreneurs evil incarnate? What about Bill Gates’ work^, or his and Buffet’s Giving Pledge^? What about many other magnates who did great services to society during or towards the end of their careers? Does the Nobel Prize ring any bell? And most importantly, who do you think could manage billions of dollars and put such power to better use than these people can?

As we will see, the problem does not entirely lie with these wealthy individuals. A solution can only be found if we work together, peacefully but determined, towards updating our society to this new age of abundance that is brought upon us by the technological advances of the past few decades (you should listen to this excellent talk on the subject^).