Updated Mission Statement

I am Axonn Echysttas, software developer, writer, hardware enthusiast, sociopolitical analyst, amateur philosopher, consumer of arts, gamer and a few other things. After writing for several publications (such as The Inquirer^), in 2012, I decided to establish my own website, so that I may freely pursue my writing style and favorite topics.

As a rule, I only write about things I feel strongly about. Time is a limited resource, therefore it is my desire to use it wisely. I cover a wide range of topics, as is evident when one navigates this site. So, in a way, I invite you to feel like a patron in a restaurant of thought. See what’s on the menu and go ahead and help yourself with whatever dish tempts you the most.

I’ve lived and breathed technology since early childhood, being perpetually fascinated by anything that had an electric current running through it. By trade, I am a software developer, but I am also a serious hardware enthusiast; I have been assembling my own computers since before I could write code. I started programming in 1998 but before this, I was passionate about music, astronomy, writing and gaming.

My goal with this website is to humbly share with you my perspective on various topics. Even though my writing style is quite passionate and doesn’t seem humble, one of my life’s principles is Socrates’ “I know that I know nothing”.

It’s also important to understand that I do not wish to change your views; that decision is yours alone and should be guided by multiple sources of information (I always encourage my readers to seek other points of view). I’m here so that hopefully you can have a valuable partner for debate.

I strive to answer all comments on this website: I truly cherish society and its wonderful quality of showing me things that I have not previously considered. So let us analyze, interpret, reason and conclude. Let us lay the information down, put our brains to good use and together, figure out the various puzzles that life confronts us with: social problems, financial woes and technical issues.

That being said, I will set out on the path of objectivity with the goal of fairness. Even though I will try to exercise a calm writing style, I hope you will forgive me when the sight of injustice pulls out my razor-sharp sword from its silky sheath.

Thank you for reading these words, my good and respected peer. Yes, we are all peers. What unites us is this type of intelligence which has the property of allowing us to communicate in a certain way, using certain protocols. I truly thank you for being here, sharing the same space and time in this amazing journey called Life!

This Mission Statement is a more refined, toned down version of something I wrote 2 and a half years ago when starting this website. Since I don’t believe in censorship, that post^ is still around.

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