NATO, Watch It! We Don’t Want A War!

One of the most important summits in the history of the North Atlantic Treaty is kicking off on Thursday and the outcome of this meeting will shape the political landscape for years to come. And I repeat, for the sake of emphasis: NATO, watch it! We don’t want a war!

Disclaimer: this opinion article has been directed at NATO because of the upcoming summit and because the numerous hints that have led me to believe that, behind closed doors, a war is being prepared. However, I am not Putin’s fan (or anybody’s for that matter!) and of course that I am mindful that it is not only NATO which may start a war, but Russia as well. So Russia, you watch it too!

Is It Depopulation Time Again?

History has a sad tendency to repeat itself, and terrifyingly enough, all the signs of an impending World War are here: economic downturn (which doesn’t seem to go away no matter how hard everybody tries), lots of military confrontations all over the planet, overpopulation and, unlike other times: a sick media interest in covering war and blowing things out of proportion (this is especially obvious in the Western Europe and North America).

After the downing of the Malaysian Airlines flight in Ukraine, NATO should have used its military power with dead-serious determination in order to recover the black boxes and the victims’ bodies. Instead, it showcased the weak and easy to break willpower of the Western nations, which are, in all truthfulness, completely incapable of engaging in war.

Like a drunkard about to puke, mankind teeters on the edge of collapse feeling nauseated and sick. It’s a fitting analogy: we, as a species, have over-consumed and over-spent, especially during the past few decades. So, is it time for this drunkard to start retching? Is it time for millions of innocent people to suffer only so that the status-quo is left undisturbed? Because, make no mistake, it’s not the rich who will perish in this war, it is us: the people who paid for the weapons that these guys are meeting on Thursday to talk about using.

Last week, NATO was quite positive about admitting Ukraine in its ranks, both sides having made declarations about this possibility. This is, by far, the worst way through which the North-Atlantic Treaty can save face for its incompetence during the unfolding of the events in Ukraine. Russia didn’t even have to discredit the Alliance actively, they’ve did it all by themselves, showing a complete lack of determination: when the Malaysian Airlines flight was shot down, they should have went in there with an intimidating amount of military helicopters, secure the entire area (while the Ukrainian separatists would still be busy running after seeing the armada come in) and grab the black box and the bodies. Not a shot fired. Just dead-serious determination.

Instead, just like the soft, rich elite that rules the West with and for their trillion-dollars accounts, NATO has stammered and rolled in its own fat until it was too late. For all the technological and military “might” of the West, we couldn’t muster the will to go in for our own dead. Pathetic! And Putin saw this. He’s sitting right there, carefully sketching the psychological profile of NATO and laughing his ass off, because what he sees is a bunch of self-righteous cowards who are vilifying everything they don’t rule, while in the same time destabilizing and ruining countries around the world just so that their checks can keep pouring in.

Why did those people give their life rather than accepting to be the puppets of Western powers? If they wish to be under Russian rule, maybe we should rather ask ourselves why.

There is talk about the West “surrendering” Ukraine to Russia. This is naive to say the least. Let’s not forget that the break-away provinces in Ukraine really do have a strong urge to maintain a collaboration with Russia. Why is the EU upset by this? Because, of course, the EU wants Ukraine all for itself (and it’s childish to even imagine that Russia can simply accept that – I seriously doubt the EU would allow Poland to enter a customs & trade union with Russia so why would Putin accept the same thing?).

Why are some people so easily brainwashed with talk about “territorial integrity” when actually the Ukrainians in Donetsk and Luhansk just want to be left alone as a semi-autonomous region that can do trade with more than one economic partner? Of course, the West, having installed a friendly-government in Kiev, is willing to make no compromises, employing a massive media apparatus to defend its views to people willing to accept everything the TV spews.

So what, are you trying to tell me that I should not care about the opinions of people who died defending them? None of the thousands of people who died in the confrontation matter? Why did those people give their life rather than accepting to be the puppets of Western powers? If they wish to be under Russian rule, maybe we should rather ask ourselves why. Of course, one can’t ignore the brainwashing power of Russia’s mass-media apparatus. What, you thought I’m only picking on Western media?

Putin will continue his waiting-game, which will eventually lead to a few provinces of Ukraine to be federalized and granted semi-autonomous status.

As a Westerner and a firm believer in liberty, I find myself in the strange position of actually thanking Vladimir Putin for making a shocking reference to Russian’s nuclear arsenal last week. Finally, after all the bickering, somebody stands up and yells: let’s all seriously think what we’re doing here. Because this is a very dangerous path we are on. I am happy to live in a Western country where human rights are respected and disagreements are handled in a very civilized way (although our freedom is eroding fast), but what good will that do if in two weeks from now it’ll all be reduced to rubble?

The NATO Summit

There are several outcomes that I see following this summit (listed in the order of probability):

1. NATO will play around with the idea of allowing Ukraine to join the fold while in the same time not saying anything for sure: this is the same old political game that the West has been playing with Eastern-European countries. They will push these pawns forward and see what happens. Often, just like the chess piece, countries will be sacrificed. In this case, Putin will continue to play his waiting-game, which will eventually lead to a few provinces of Ukraine to be federalized and granted semi-autonomous status.

2. NATO will all-but confirm Ukraine as a member state. In this case, I wouldn’t be surprised if Putin storms in and grabs a few provinces of Ukraine before NATO can muster any meaningful military presence. Didn’t he just unofficially say that he could take Kiev in two weeks? I think he was exaggerating. He can take it in one. Most likely though, NATO’s decision will be delayed for a few months, enough time for said provinces to be federalized and all-but ceded to Russia. When Ukraine’s accession becomes reality, the West’s relations with Russia will hit a new low, and this will only lead to more suffering.

3. NATO pulls a shocker and admits Ukraine as a member state. This is the worst possible outcome and might trigger a World War. In this case, we can only hope that they won’t be using nukes. Even if a war doesn’t immediately start, it is the innocent who will suffer: broken families, broken trade which will in turn mean broken economies and hungry people; people desperate enough to do desperate things (which is perhaps what is desired by the game-makers).

Whatever the outcome of the coming summit, I think we can safely say that we’re sick of all this posturing. My fear is that certain leaders, way, way up there, see this. And they need a new war to keep us in check. To convince us that yes, Putin is the boogie-man and we should pay more taxes so that they can build more weapons, so that they can convince our children to go and die in their name. I’m not buying any of this.

We don’t want to revolve in the same cycle of bloodshed and recovery. We want a better future for us and our children.

Does this mean that I’m ready to embrace Putin’s rule over the world? That’s a fairy tale made to scare the weak-minded: there will be no such thing in this day and age. We’re waking up to the fact that we have the power to pick our leaders, and it is this fact that scares them the most. Here in the West, things are starting to look more and more like a police state, and I don’t like this at all.

All major media outlets are controlled by the people who have all the interests (this is becoming true for the entire planet), and soon, any original opinion will be suppressed at the press of a button (meet the West’s “politically correct” censorship system, the “Right to be forgotten”^). The Internet is dangerous, and they know it; not only Russia and China, but “democratic” leaders too. I’m not usually one to ask for a viral dissemination of my work, but if you agree with my words more than you disagree with them, go through the effort of sharing this piece. Let this message be heard:

NATO, we don’t want to fight your war. We are citizens of a new world:it is time for an evolution, not a revolution. I believe I speak for many when I say that we don’t want to revolve in the same cycle of bloodshed and painful recovery. We want a better future for us and our children. The simple fact that there is a lost of interest in demonizing Putin makes me seriously doubt everything that is said to us. As an open-minded individual, I must question everything, especially when it reeks of manipulation.

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