The Trilogy Of Quantum Consciousness

What has initially started as an analogy to explain how the multiverse, quantum mechanics, free will and consciousness can all fit in the same phrase, has grown into three articles, each of them approaching the subject from a different perspective and with different goals.

Although the explanations and suppositions which I have formulated can be classified as pseudo-science, I prefer to consider this is a work of hard science fiction^, that is, “science fiction characterized by an emphasis on scientific accuracy or technical detail”.

However, do not be disappointed by the use of the word “fiction”. These articles are based on hard science (I have provided plenty of references), theories and experiments (such as the famous double slit experiment). The only thing “fiction” here is the use of various analogies and stating a few wild hypotheses.

The Trilogy is made up of the following articles:

Part 1: “Free Will As A Function Of The Multiverse Can Explain Quantum Paradoxes”^ – introduces the “ocean analogy”, which is used to explain why we observe certain behaviors in quantum mechanics experiments. It also explains the basis from which free will operates and how it is influenced by knowledge.

A human way of imagining the multiverse.

A human way of imagining the multiverse.

Part 2: “The Quantum Super-System”^ – proposes a name for the environment in which our existence takes place and underlines similarities with quantum computing, debating the finite and infinite aspects of this environment.

A human way of imagining the quantum super-system.

A human way of imagining the quantum super-system.

Part 3: “The Quantum Super-System Applied To Everyday Life”^ – approaches various aspects of life from the vantage point of the quantum super-system. I discuss dreams, synchronized consciousnesses, the game sub-theory and even spirituality.

Abstract art.

Our brain might be a quantum computer.

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