Why Vote?

Addressing every person eligible for voting. I’ve been challenged to give 3 reasons why I’d vote, despite the fact that this procedure has been reduced to a depressing choice between incompetent and/or dirty politicians, even in countries with strong democratic traditions. Many people choose to not take part in this futile battle against a corrupted system anymore, but you know what?

1. I Vote Because They Haven’t Broken My Spirit!

The moment when They succeed to convince us that our vote doesn’t matter anyway, is the moment when They have finally broken our spirit. It is the moment when democracy will succumb to a sad but probably well-deserved death. It is the moment when we will humbly concede control over our lives to Them.

The reason why I said that democracy deserves to die stems from the fact that we haven’t taken care of it. Like a plant needs water, democracy needs education. You cannot have a working democracy if people are misinformed and uneducated. That seems to be the purpose of most forms of entertainment these days: dumb the masses down to the point where democracy withers away, one vote at a time. Then, They can win the battle through their brainwashed legions of sheeple, while those that can still think for themselves are too disgusted to even show up for the fight!

When I say “They” and “Them”, I am referring to dirty, corrupt, power-hungry or just plain-evil people in high places, from where they can destroy countless lives with a mere flick of the wrist.

No, they haven’t broken my spirit yet. And I’ll go one step further and solemnly declare that they’ll never, ever break me. I am saying it here, now, because I wish this declaration to become a self-fulfilling prophecy. They must not break me.

And it’s not only me. It’s we. We are strong. We should be proud of the fact that we can stand up, get in that voting booth, and put a stamp on that piece of paper, laughing in the face of those that would make us believe that we don’t matter. We matter. We can bring down leaders with a flick of our wrist! We are strong!

2. I Vote Because I Am Responsible For My And My Loved Ones’ Future!

Ever since I had the right to vote, I always held the firm belief that it is of utmost importance to care about the society I belong to. The world’s problems are innumerable, and there is no one person which can understand (let alone solve) them all. That is why we need team work. Voting is society’s most extraordinary example of team work. It’s incredibly sad that some people forget this.

Together, we can analyze budgets and interpret proposals from various parties. Every single one of us can contribute with their own specialized understanding about certain pieces from the system that is running our planet. Then, we can decide what path we want to be on. It’s as simple as that. In the best of cases, this is done in groups, friends talking to each other, understanding, learning. In the worst of cases, it turns into fights where people become entrenched in silly ideological fortresses of their own making, afraid of new ideas, not daring to dream, to hope.

Unfortunately, They have transformed education and entertainment into tools with which to reduce people to content little bees. Luckily, one thing They cannot tamper with (yet), is free will. And no matter how horrific the information we’re exposed to can be (especially at the TV), we can still discern right from wrong.

I am acutely aware that we’re all in this together, brothers and sisters. What is “this”? It’s this planet, this life, this country, this city, this company, this building, this family, this congregation, this group of friends. We’re all in it together. Together! And I, will, not, be the one who leaves others do all the hard work. I’m in this together with you, brother, sister, and I will vote because I care about you, about me, about your loved ones and my loved ones.

3. I Vote Because I Am Able To Reason And Exercise Free Will!

In countries where the voting process is not a charade, this is the moment when we can have a say in how the infrastructure around us is run. Every few years, society asks this very little extra of us: “please, tell us where you’d like to be in a couple of years from now”. I have free will and intellect so I shall pick a candidate out of the ones on the voting bulletin.

Some people say “but I have nobody to vote with, nobody can represent me”. Really? Then be that somebody, or inspire somebody to be what you‘d like. This takes effort, of course, but you know what? Your parents (or whoever brought you up) went through a lot of effort to make sure you’re able to read these words, not to mention the work of all the people that have manufactured the objects that you are using and that are maintaining the services upon which your life relies. Repay them by caring about them. You have the amazing opportunity to not only be aware of your own existence, but also to influence this existence. Use it.

This, of course, is not easily done in countries where the voting process is a farce. The best example is probably North Korea. Not only is voting there a bad joke, but whoever wasn’t brainwashed in that country can’t even do anything about the situation. I can’t ask anybody to die just so that they can have true democracy. I believe this is a fundamental right.

Never Give Up

When I said that “we are strong”, I truly believed it, and I will always believe it. And through our strength, we can even the odds in this battle against that which is corrupt and misguided. The battle will not be futile anymore, we can turn it into a victory.

I am happy to hail from a country which has endured the social traumas of communism. I have witnessed first-hand how an educational system which produced a lot of bright pupils managed in the same time to mangle and destroy countless other minds. For every success story, there are hundreds of failures, people who ended up, right now, being unable to discern fact from fiction, people so disillusioned that they barely care about their own life.

As you can probably notice, I have expressed absolutely no political orientation throughout this article (aside from the obvious jab at communism). This is because I want this writing to remain applicable to every voter out there. And in fact, I have no political orientation. Having a political orientation is like having a religion: it’s the centralization of a dogma and it’s usually very inflexible: you like some parts of it, but you can’t get rid of the parts you don’t like.

When I vote, I guide myself by candidates which have the most parts that I like, but ideally, I advocate an entirely new political system, one where the political dogma is broken down into specific solutions. Parties and religious cults are not different from armies, and personally, I’m sick of wars.

This being said, please, for the sake of your unbroken spirit, for the sake of the society that you belong to, for the sake of your existence and your free will, VOTE!

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