Big Things About to Happen

It’s been more than three years and a half since I’ve built my own writer’s retreat here on I’ve been less active than I would have wanted to be, but that is about to change. What started as an IT-oriented review & opinion website is about to become much more. The seeds of that change were planted during 2014, a year when I started approaching more diverse subjects.

The first change is that the website is getting a big makeover. The main goal is to make it mobile-friendly. For this purpose, I have switched the theme used by the WordPress back-end. I found a nice theme, supported by a good provider, which is why I also purchased it.

The other change is that I will be changing the domain name too! The name “Axonn Says” stopped “clicking” with me quite a while ago. I won’t reveal the new domain name now, but let’s just say that it is inspired by one of the greatest works of Science Fiction in the history of literature.

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  1. James


    You should do some more tasker articles. Your last one was fantastic. While it is outdated, I was still able to make the tweaks necessary to make it work for me.

    • Reply

      Well this was a total surprise I have to admit :D. Hey Frans :). You just won the “Faithful Subscriber” award, which will give you 1% of all proceeds on the day I install a paywall here :D.

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