Phase 1 (Redesign) Complete!

A couple of months back I was writing about the big things^ about to happen. Well, I’m now many steps further towards the big event which is going to be moving to a new website and giving (much) more attention to my writing. It’s been a long time coming, but the design of the new website is now complete! What does it look like? Why, you’re looking right at it! :).

Indeed, I have used Axonn Says as a platform for customizing the theme I purchased. It wasn’t an easy ride, I can tell you that. Between playing a bit too much Civilization and Path of Exile and handling other unrelated problems, the time available for doing PHP was quite limited. Still, I diligently hacked away at it! I went deep into the innards of the theme’s code, made several changes to its style and tweaked some of the plugins too. I even created my own plugin into which I collected various theme-independent features.

I’m quite happy with the result. Oh, sure, there will be further tweaks (since I’m sure my color/fonts choices can be improved). I plan to ask for advice from readers and friends, designers or otherwise. All those changes, however, will only be applied once the new website is launched. When will that be?

I consider that the hardest step is now behind me. I’ve put at least 60 hours doing this redesign. Now Phase 2 can proceed, which is: writing the first articles for the new website, so that I launch it with some content. When I launched AxonnSays, I did so with 4 articles. I will apply the same strategy to the new website. Phase 3 will consist of migrating the theme, plugins and all customization to the new website. Finally, during Phase 4, I will write the last article on Axonn Says. After that… it’s cryostasis time for this baby (at least for 1-2 years until I will take it offline, with the articles moved to the archive of the new website).

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