Beyond The Beginning

This is my last entry on My new website is now operational and four articles are patiently waiting their first readers. I wrote four articles because this is the number of articles I had written when I launched Coincidentally, this was exactly 4 years ago, on the 12th of January 2012. Also, a leap year.

Although this website never really took off, there are some articles which are still referred to by search engines, so I will not take it down anytime soon. And despite the few number of works I’ve published here (34 to be precise, which is less than 1 per month), I’ve grown accustomed to this creative outlet. There’s emotion involved. During the time AxonnSays was online I went through important changes in my life.

Instead of writing a “funeral” style last post, I’ll celebrate this website and the learning it brought me, by sharing something of value.

At the start of 2015 a melody begged my attention while listening to the Spotify radio. I’m listening to that song right now. It’s called “Beyond The Beginning” and it’s made by a Dutch project called Geomatic. Twelve months later and this tune still shines the brightest among what I’ve listened in this period.

I would probably love this song even if it would be called “Tom’s Neverending Fall”, but I absolutely adore it with the title it has. For some reason, the atmosphere and sound of this song make me think at exactly that: beyond the beginning. A place where life and death are just two sides on a multidimensional dice. Nothing exists, yet everything does. No combination of words, shapes or sounds could even begin to describe it – a cacophony of consciousness, a singularity of thought.

The title is the only verse this song has, it’s the only verse it needs. ends here, Beyond The Beginning. And that’s the same place where Mentatul begins.^

En-JOY! :).

Peace, love and light.

Yours truly,

Axonn Echysttas, 12th of January, 2016, Stockholm, Sweden.

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