The Last Step, The First Step

Slowly but definitely surely, the curtain call is approaching for After a few hours of work, I managed, yesterday, to update the website to the latest version of the Sento theme, merging in my code and style changes. This was a necessary step before being able to start moving things to the new domain. And that’s exactly what I’m doing as I’m typing this: supervising uploads, installing and activating plugins.

And yes, the fact that I’m proceeding with Phase 3 of the move means that I have finalized the four articles I intend to launch my new project with. As I mentioned before^, that was Phase 2. So now I’m busy with Phase 3, the software migration.

The last step of my journey here is fast approaching, but so does the first step on a new adventure. I’m very enthusiastic about what is to come and, therefore, I will now go back to tinkering with WordPress over at the new location (which will be revealed in my next post). Even though initially I entertained the idea of migrating the content of AxonnSays, ultimately, I have chosen to go for a fresh start, for reasons that will become apparent very soon.

And since my upcoming project will have a powerful focus on the artistic side, here are two songs which have provided the soundtrack for my departure from the old and the ascension to the new.

And One – Dein Ende

Bird Of Prey – The First Step

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