Her (2013)

Beautifully filmed and acted, unpredictable, brilliant and completely reasonable are just a few words I can say about “Her”. It has taken Hollywood four years to deliver a movie which I can rate as a solid maximum on any possible scale (it’s actually a lot better than the one I saw back in 2010). It’s very hard to talk about this movie in a few sentences, but here it goes (don’t worry, no spoilers).

“Her” depicts an incredibly reasonable future, parts of which are already here, parts of which will be with us very soon and parts of which are unlikely to happen that soon (Artificial Intelligence). Images are crisp and lighting is used with such mastery that it envelops the entire cinematic in a luxurious veneer which evokes a feeling similar to the awe that overcomes you when you are in front of a great masterpiece.

Roger Waters’ The Wall Tour 2013

A few months ago, I’ve had the pleasure of attending Roger Waters’ “The Wall” in Goteborg, Sweden, at a completely packed Ullevi Stadium. I’m going to write the first part of this opinion piece while listening to the studio album; doing this will make the task of writing harder, but the consequences of the audio distraction are already causing interesting thoughts. Rather than focusing solely on the show, I will also comment a bit on the concept album behind it.

Prior to attending the concert, I’ve watched the motion picture, for the purpose of refreshing my memory, knowing that the staged show will basically be a re-enactment of the movie. After also having listened to “The Wall” several times, I went to Goteborg being completely infused with it. Since I was going to witness what might be one of the last shows performed by living members of the epic Pink Floyd, I considered it of vital importance to truly be there, in it, engulfed by it.