The Trilogy Of Quantum Consciousness

The Trilogy Of Quantum Consciousness

What has initially started as an analogy to explain how the multiverse, quantum mechanics, free will and consciousness can all fit in the same phrase, has grown into three articles, each of them approaching the subject from a different perspective. These articles are based on hard science (I have provided plenty of references), theories and experiments.

Why Vote?

Why Vote?

Addressing every person eligible for voting. I’ve been challenged to give 3 reasons why I’d vote, despite the fact that this procedure has been reduced to a depressing choice between incompetent and/or dirty politicians, even in countries with strong democratic traditions. Many people choose to not take part in this futile battle against a corrupted system.

The Android Battery Saving Guide

The Android Battery Saving Guide

Don’t take it for granted that a smartphone’s battery can only last a couple of days. In this guide, I will show you how you can greatly extend the mileage you get out of your trusted sidekick. I’ve more-than-doubled the battery life of my Galaxy Note 3: my current record is 5 days, including quite a few phone calls and occasional browsing & gaming.

Logitech G510 Review, Or How To Betray Your Fans And Name

I’ll start by underlining that this article is being typed on a Logitech G15 keyboard. I’ve been using a wide array of Logitech peripherals throughout the years and I consider myself one of their loyal customers. My G15 is paired with a G5 mouse and an F510 gamepad, all from the same company. I own another two G15s, and, of course, the Logitech G510, to which this article is dedicated.

To be absolutely clear from the beginning: my G510 wasn’t defective. The purpose of this article is to outline the marketing & design mistakes made by Logitech, which resulted in this keyboard being such a disappointment. I admit that, at least partially, my anger on this product stems from the fact that Logitech is a company I sympathize…

FFR! Foobar Fucking Rocks

I’ve known about Winamp’s archenemy (or arch-competitor), Foobar 2000^, for many years. I had the program installed alongside Winamp while I was organizing my music collection, because it had one feature Winamp didn’t: a command to show me the average bitrate of more songs (and I include that number in an album’s folder name).

Other than that, I didn’t use it… up until about two months ago, when my hate for Winamp reached the boiling point. I am like that. Loyal to the software I use and ignoring its various shortcomings due to that loyalty. Winamp started to randomly crash on enqueuing songs from Explorer/Total Commander ever since version 5 dot fuck-knows-what. Ironically, I also bought the Professional edition about a year prior to that. I valiantly endured it for about two years…

Windows 8 Sales Forecast: Disappointing

A few years ago, long before Vista hit the market, I made a few predictions: 1, that few people will buy it; 2, that it will be a despised product and 3, that I will never install it. It’s 2012 and even Microsoft admitted^ that Vista was a failure. Also, all my predictions turned out to be right.

Now I’m back with a new prediction: Windows 8 will disappoint the most important market it has: the PC market. And it will do so, in spite of the fact that it is a great product…

The PC Is Dead. OH RLY?

If you’re not one the people who already made their mind up about the destiny of the PC platform, then read on to find out why some rather big names made fools of themselves when they grabbed the headlines (by mistake or not), by uttering one of the most idiotic statements I heard in the past few years: “The PC is dead” (or “Long live the Cloud to which I shall sell my soul to” and so on).

The fact of the matter is that people who rush blindly ahead and spell the demise of the Personal Computer platform are either clueless, misquoted or have some sort of vested interest…

The Humble Start

I am Axonn Echysttas and I’m a supercharged freak, with a lot of things to say about some companies and their products, about some people and their actions.

I believe that I am qualified to write these words because I lived and breathed technology for more than 75% of my life, because I’ve been assembling my own computers since I was a kid and because I’ve also been doing software development since then. Because I’ve worked extensively with computers (desktop and mobile), consumer electronics and niche products, and, last but not least, because I’ve read thousands of IT articles and I continue to follow IT news coming from several sources.

I believe that I am qualified to write these words because others thought^ that I am qualified as well…