Beyond The Beginning

Beyond The Beginning

This is my last entry on My new website is now operational and four articles are patiently waiting their first readers. I wrote four articles because this is the number of articles I had written when I launched Coincidentally, this was exactly 4 years ago, on the 12th of January 2012. Also, a leap year.

Although this website never really took off, there are some articles which are still referred to by search engines, so I will not take it down anytime soon. And despite the few number of works I’ve published here (34 to be precise, which is less than 1 per month), I’ve grown accustomed to this creative outlet. There’s emotion involved. During the time AxonnSays was online I went through important changes in my life.


Phase 1 (Redesign) Complete!

A couple of months back I was writing about the big things^ about to happen. Well, I’m now many steps further towards the big event which is going to be moving to a new website and giving (much) more attention to my writing. It’s been a long time coming, but the design of the new website is now complete! What does it look like? Why, you’re looking right at it! :).

Updated Mission Statement

I am Axonn Echysttas, software developer, writer, hardware enthusiast, sociopolitical analyst, amateur philosopher, consumer of arts, gamer and a few other things. After writing for several publications (such as The Inquirer^), in 2012, I decided to establish my own website, so that I may freely pursue my writing style and favorite topics.

As a rule, I only write about things I feel strongly about. Time is a limited resource, therefore it is my desire to use it wisely. I cover a wide range of topics, as is evident when one navigates this site. So, in a way, I invite you to feel like a patron in a restaurant of thought. See what’s on the menu and go ahead and help yourself with whatever dish tempts you the most.

The Humble Start

I am Axonn Echysttas and I’m a supercharged freak, with a lot of things to say about some companies and their products, about some people and their actions.

I believe that I am qualified to write these words because I lived and breathed technology for more than 75% of my life, because I’ve been assembling my own computers since I was a kid and because I’ve also been doing software development since then. Because I’ve worked extensively with computers (desktop and mobile), consumer electronics and niche products, and, last but not least, because I’ve read thousands of IT articles and I continue to follow IT news coming from several sources.

I believe that I am qualified to write these words because others thought^ that I am qualified as well…