You Are Invited To The “Path of Exile” Open Beta

It’s about time, and I’m extremely happy to inaugurate the Gaming Category^ with this article. There are many reasons for my happiness and I will share them all with you if I shall have your patience, for Path of Exile^ is a topic which, I humbly believe, deserves your time if you’re into some serious gaming!

One day, not so long ago, I was among the Loyal Legions of Blizzard Entertainment. For example, I played Diablo 2 starting with its launch and down to the bloody end, months before the launch of Diablo 3 – a game which proved once and for all that Blizzard have completely lost their way. But then something happened, something which gave me a reason to hope!

The PC Is Dead. OH RLY?

If you’re not one the people who already made their mind up about the destiny of the PC platform, then read on to find out why some rather big names made fools of themselves when they grabbed the headlines (by mistake or not), by uttering one of the most idiotic statements I heard in the past few years: “The PC is dead” (or “Long live the Cloud to which I shall sell my soul to” and so on).

The fact of the matter is that people who rush blindly ahead and spell the demise of the Personal Computer platform are either clueless, misquoted or have some sort of vested interest…