The Quantum Super-System

Humanity is already capable of simulating fractions^ of the universe. We started with cave sculptures and, step by step, we have perfected the art of building entire worlds. We now delve into virtual reality and there are many more amazing technological breakthroughs that await. Eventually, we will probably end up being able to transport our entire sensory apparatus into universes of our own making. Are we the first iteration of this matter organization process?

The simulated reality hypothesis^ has been around for quite some time, but can we find some proof for its existence in the strange quantum behaviors that we’ve been observing? What if the hypothesis can be improved in a way that would resolve one of its biggest caveats: if this is a simulated reality, aren’t the simulators a simulation themselves?

Just like the Sun does not revolve around the Earth, it is quite probable that this universe itself is part of a larger system. One such system, the multiverse^, is a well-known theoretical concept in modern physics. Mysteries are often the source of all sorts of suppositions, from magic and gods to scientific theories; the paradox presented by the double slit experiment is no exception. I see it as a confirmation for the hypothesis of the multiverse, which reconciles a deterministic universe (devoid of free will) with the possibility that free will actually exists (in a probabilistic multiverse).