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The Definitive Android Battery Saving And Maintenance Guide

Don’t take it for granted that a smartphone’s battery can only last a couple of days. In this guide, I will show you how you can greatly extend the mileage you get out of your trusted sidekick. I’ve more-than-doubled the battery life of my Galaxy Note 3: my current record is 5 days, including quite a few phone calls and occasional browsing & gaming. True, the Note 3 has a large battery (3200 mAh compared to Galaxy S4 at 2800 mAh or iPhone 5s at 1560 mAh). If I’m conservative, I can easily get 8 days out of it! I don’t think I have to tell you how awesome it is to reduce your reliance on recharging, not to mention this prolongs the lifetime of the device’s battery.

Many of the energy-saving measures presented here rely on one of the most capable automation apps ever: Tasker. There’s a gazillion things you can do with it, and one of these is the ability to regulate the way your device uses mobile data, which is a serious power guzzler. If you truly want some amazing battery life improvements and are willing to invest a few hours in permanently advancing the quality of your mobile experience, I’m going to remove your (potential) fear of rooting your device and also tell you about how to use a custom kernel for further energy saving.

Using Tasker For Strict Cellular Radio Control On Android

If you’d ask me to pick one application that defines the Android platform and which I consider absolutely essential to my mobile experience, it would undoubtedly be Tasker. This thing is so useful, so versatile, so universally known, that I cannot think of a single user that wouldn’t benefit from it in some way. It goes hand in hand with the openness of Google’s Operating System and it gets even more powerful when you have a rooted device (although for most of the things it can do, you do not need root access).

I use Tasker (Google Play^) mostly for reducing the energy consumption of my gadgets and for timed profiles (it allows for a lot more customization than the Android OS). In this tutorial I will show you exactly how I automate my phone’s connectivity, but through the information that I will share with you, you will learn how to use many of the features of this excellent app. Then, only your imagination is the limit of what you can do with it.

You Are Invited To The “Path of Exile” Open Beta

It’s about time, and I’m extremely happy to inaugurate the Gaming Category^ with this article. There are many reasons for my happiness and I will share them all with you if I shall have your patience, for Path of Exile^ is a topic which, I humbly believe, deserves your time if you’re into some serious gaming!

One day, not so long ago, I was among the Loyal Legions of Blizzard Entertainment. For example, I played Diablo 2 starting with its launch and down to the bloody end, months before the launch of Diablo 3 – a game which proved once and for all that Blizzard have completely lost their way. But then something happened, something which gave me a reason to hope!

Nvidia Is Back!

After two years of lurking in the shadow of AMD’s Radeon, Nvidia is back with a vengeance, in the form of its new Kepler microarchitecture. Last week, the boys in green set loose their GeForce GTX 680 video card, sending AMD back to the drawing board. Now that the dust has settled a bit, there is plenty of data about the new GPU world order, so let’s look at it together.

During the past two years, Nvidia struggled to keep itself at the top, and only seldom succeeded, even then, by releasing massive, power-hungry chips. But no more of that, because last week’s launch of the first chip from the Kepler lineup was a major, game-changing event. To say that it was a surprise would be an understatement…

Logitech G510 Review, Or How To Betray Your Fans And Name

I’ll start by underlining that this article is being typed on a Logitech G15 keyboard. I’ve been using a wide array of Logitech peripherals throughout the years and I consider myself one of their loyal customers. My G15 is paired with a G5 mouse and an F510 gamepad, all from the same company. I own another two G15s, and, of course, the Logitech G510, to which this article is dedicated.

To be absolutely clear from the beginning: my G510 wasn’t defective. The purpose of this article is to outline the marketing & design mistakes made by Logitech, which resulted in this keyboard being such a disappointment. I admit that, at least partially, my anger on this product stems from the fact that Logitech is a company I sympathize…

FFR! Foobar Fucking Rocks

I’ve known about Winamp’s archenemy (or arch-competitor), Foobar 2000^, for many years. I had the program installed alongside Winamp while I was organizing my music collection, because it had one feature Winamp didn’t: a command to show me the average bitrate of more songs (and I include that number in an album’s folder name).

Other than that, I didn’t use it… up until about two months ago, when my hate for Winamp reached the boiling point. I am like that. Loyal to the software I use and ignoring its various shortcomings due to that loyalty. Winamp started to randomly crash on enqueuing songs from Explorer/Total Commander ever since version 5 dot fuck-knows-what. Ironically, I also bought the Professional edition about a year prior to that. I valiantly endured it for about two years…